Due to their affinity for the divine feminine, pearls are linked to the moon. The moon is feminine, whereas the Sun is masculine. The moon also regulates the ocean's tides, which are likewise feminine. She, the Ocean is revered as the deity Yemoja (The Grate Mother) in many animist and indigenous civilizations. Some people link the goddess of love Venus, who was also birthed from the sea to pearls. The legends surrounding pearls are timeless, including how the Nubian Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen, loved them due to her having such a dramatic and opulent nature and how they were thought to provide protection, safety, and security. When giving pearl jewelry to a loved one, explaining the significance of a pearl can give the gift of pearls an extra-special touch and help the receiver bond with it for life.


"Have you ever witnessed a woman acting undignified wearing pearls?  They might not have been genuine freshwater pearls! " -cp