About Corinthia Peoples

CORINTHIA PEOPLES is the founder, artist + curator of Corinthia Peoples Designs.

CORINTHIA PEOPLES Designs is a black woman-owned small jewelry business based in San Francisco, California. Corinthia started in the jewelry, fashion, and retail sales industry 15 + years ago, and she is now creating her brand’s unique e-Knowledge online courses content and 1-1 consulting aimed at start-up businesses who want to exemplify their brand’s merchandising and captivate their audience.

Corinthia is masterful at bolstering your interest and sparking your inquisitive spider senses. She is known for her feminine and alluring style and her love for colored semi-precious stones and merchandising. She is also passionate about Folklore Dance and spends a lot of time engaging and romanticizing words as well as inquisitively identifying brilliant and clever marketing techniques!

  • Corinthia Peoples Model
  • Corinthia Peoples Model
  • Corinthia Peoples Model

The History and Evolution of Corinthia Peoples Designs

I would like to tell you through using an analogy of a divine feminine circle that closes in and captures the most significant details, then it opens and more details are uncovered and lived, and it closes again every so many years and time collapses. From the beginning the collections are assembled in unique designs that once again are characterized as imperfect, yet perfect within their imperfections.

The first collection was inspired by my head tilting as if I were having a conversation with an invisible voice, squinting eyes to capture what I was told not only in my mind’s eye but in my mind’s heart as well.  Intense listening and complying with the instructions to move, reach, assemble, connect, and twist wire. Reflecting on my process now I know that I was dancing with and surrendering to divine rhythmic downloads.

I, with all my boxes and imperfections, came to know no etiquette and did not concern myself with social conventions, and the judgment of society that surrounds me.  I was free to be whoever I pleased and, in the process, trusting my connection to rhythmic downloads funneling through me as creativity. Within my evolution, true love for myself was capsulated like the divine feminine circle. My big thick thighs, expansive wide, round ass, and my gigantic overflowing smile were now what made me who I am, just as Corinthia Peoples fine jewelry collection, makes you, who you are. 

-Corinthia Peoples