Corinthia Peoples Academy

For small entrepreneurs who are just getting started and established solopreneurs who are committed to their growth and self-development, The Corinthia Peoples Academy is an online education and network consortium.

I have personally felt alone in my work because I had no one to cry or lean on.  For many of us, it takes an unfathomable amount of bravery to do business.  Many of us need to arm ourselves with information, tools, and even just a support system before we can muster the bravery to enter the streets ferociously, humbled, and hungry.   

What I wished I'd had over the decades of living this entrepreneur's life was a reliable and devoted companion(s).  I'm calling forth the small solopreneurs who need a tribe, some direction, presentational skills, encouragement and advice on how to stand out and get recognized amid the sea of other tiny vendor-based businesses at markets and festivals.  

The time has come for me to bring about the change that I wish I could have experienced and witnessed.  The time to advance is right now.

I invite you to participate in the upcoming online community and course with me.

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