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I am in love!

I am in love with Corinthia Peoples hand-crafted jewelry.  I own many pieces and I love how each piece fits my personality and brings out my uniqueness. I love how no matter how I feel, or what I have on, her pieces give an extra POP to my outfit. 

Corinthia Peoples design makes you feel like each piece was crafted just for you with love. 

Thank you Corinthia 

Audrei P.

Outstanding Service

I have received outstanding quality service from Corinthia Peoples Designs and I am amazed by the customer service.  I purchased a silver double chain necklace and matching earring almost one year ago.  When the necklace and earrings began to lose their shine, Corinthia invited me back for a full cleaning service.  I must say that this was indeed impressive customer service.  After my jewelry was cleaned, it was exquisitely repackaged.  My initial purchase was $75, but I felt as if I had spent much more.   

Lori Camille


Corinthia Peoples Designs are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!   I feel extremely connected to each piece because they have specific names.  I wear CP Designs originals EVERY DAY and EVERY DAY someone compliments my jewelry.  I sometimes wear a specific suit to match my CP Designs jewelry.  The designer, Corinthia, embodies the designs she produces.  The gemstones are an impetuous experience within an experience.  Corinthia Peoples Designs are unique. 

I look forward to visiting Corinthia at her studio in anticipation of what I will purchase that is new, exciting for my collection.  I am a hard-working woman who loves jewelry and the finer things in life.  Corinthia Peoples Designs is indeed a place of artistry, elegance, quality, and style that embodies customer service excellence!

Lavie Mitchell

A Unique Experience

I have purchased multiple pieces of jewelry from Corinthia Peoples Designs.  Stepping in [the studio] is reminiscent of stepping into a candy store with bright beautiful baubles lining the walls.  Since Ms. Peoples knows her jewelry and knows me as a client, she helps me find the right piece that I would not have been able to pick out on my own.  She offers a unique experience; from the moment I enter her studio to when I walk away with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Anushka Baltes

Feel Your Inner Beauty!

I, yes me, Kathy Jackson, cannot believe that I now and have been for the past seven years or more wearing beautiful art design jewelry. This jewelry is handmade by a black woman who we call Corinthia Peoples!!! Now these pieces are of different types and shapes of stone in which she explains and educates the history of each such piece.

Now check this out, today I am wearing one of my favorite sets the amethyst. The earrings, they are naturally designed to be different. My necklace is so amazing. As I put on this piece the energy flows through my body. I have this amazing glow and I feel too sexy. By the look of others, they too see the beauty. Now let’s check my sister out, Ms. Corinthia Peoples, she will be coming your way.

Feel your inner beauty with some fine pieces of her beautiful design art jewelry collection!!

Kathy Jackson

Nothing Compares

Nothing can compare to the presentation of your product, Corinthia. You add personality and flair to the experience.

The quality, variety of materials, colors, and uniqueness of style are what draws me to your product.

June Hill

Extraordinary – Mesmerizing – Transcending – Unique Creations of Art

All embody the beauty of each piece of jewelry lovingly crafted by designer Corinthia Peoples.

I personally own several pieces and can unequivocally say they are my favorites out of all my jewelry.

I have yet to ever wear a pair of earrings, necklace, or ring and not be stopped by someone complimenting the beauty of the item and wanting to know who the designer is.

I have also had the pleasure of hosting a “Corinthia Peoples” trunk show in one of the major retail locations that I buy for. The product brought the customers into the store, but Corinthia mesmerized them with her passion for transcending emotion, energy, and art into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Corinthia’s, collection encompassed something for everyone with a variety of price points that made it affordable to all.

Whether you are looking for something special for yourself or want to treat friends and customers to an exceptional shopping experience I highly recommend Corinthia Peoples Designs.

I dare you to take the journey and buy a piece for yourself, I promise you will be back for more.

Nancy Noble-Basch

Hard to Choose a Favorite

I have purchased so many lovely designs it’s hard to choose which piece is my favorite.  The pearls are exquisite, long lovely strands that can be worn with everything if you dare.  My Pearl ring is so unique, people ask, is it a custom design and I say yes it is!  My earrings are big and bold, silver, copper and leather designs that draw attention. Thank you for my awesome pieces!

Sharon T.

Great Jewelry Collection! 

I had the pleasure of reviewing Corinthia Peoples collection’s years ago and my thoughts were how distinct and dramatic her collections are.  I am a fashion buyer and I had to show the Jewelry Buyer the collection and of course she was very interested immediately.  The buyer placed Corinthia’s collection into three retail venues.  The stores and customers were extremely excited when Corinthia arrived to work in one location and the customers were so excited to meet her.  She was attentive to their needs and she was extremely knowledgeable about the stones that she uses in her collection and what motivated her when she created these unusual and dramatic pieces.  But most of all they are one-of-a-kind / limited edition pieces.

Thank you Corinthia for working with the staff and management.  It’s was wonderful working with a Designer who listens while educating customers on what it means to wear her jewelry with personal style and flair.

Cynthia Thompson 

The Corinthia Peoples Experience

When you choose Corinthia Peoples Designs, you are welcomed into the Corinthia Peoples family as a cherished member. I've taken great delight in offering top-notch service and connecting with each of you deeply, since 2000, and I still do today.